Solutions for All Publishers

Publishers need content to be easily discoverable and access to be readily available whether readers are at their desks or on a mobile device. Metapress® can assist you by providing online hosting of Journal, Book, Reference Works, and Databases that are easily retrievable and accessible, as well as tools to help you distribute your hosted content to subscribers. STM Publishers come in all shapes and sizes, in order to meet your needs; metapress® has crafted three solutions. Find the one that is right for you!
1. Metapress Essential: is for publishers who need an online presence and have small budgets. These publishers are focused on sharing their content with subscribers, members and researchers and do not require complex application development. Metapress® Essential is designed to meet the needs of the smaller or new publishers to make their content discoverable and support basic sales models.

2. Metapress Standard: is for publishers who require some customization to match their current corporate online presence. Metapress® meets the needs of these publishers through individualized profile sites, customizable commercial offers, and opportunities to engage with the metapress® team as new feature content is developed.

3. Metapress Tailor-Made: is for publishers who need substantial customization to meet their business needs. We know that some publishers have a wide variety of publications from Journals to books to databases. They have large holdings and complex issues to manage. These publishers require special management and focus to deliver their value to the market. Metapress® Tailor-Made is the custom service that addresses the special needs of these publishers.


Publishers decide on the business model right for them:

Metapress® believes that publishers know their customers best that is why we support many different business models.  Publishers may want to the option to sell by the article, rent chapters for a limited period of time, or divide a corpus into collections based on subject or age of material.  Metapress® supports a variety of business models.

Prices are flexible and based on the following:

  • How the content is provided by the publisher
  • The volume of content hosted
  • The service options you select

Metapress® also provides publishers transparent, dependable support with the publisher’s site available online around the clock. Publishers can be assured that their content will be available around the clock to support their users, researchers, and other users of their content.

Complete Hosting

Online electronic hosting involves publishing documents or periodicals in a presentation format suitable for the Internet. As a host provider, metapress® provides the necessary hardware and connectivity to the Internet so the document is available to authorized users on the Web.

As a complete hosting solution, MetaPress® offers document conversion, stabilization and metadata preparation services, and access control to the content being hosted, as well as an intuitive user interface.

Metapress® also, distributes a publisher’s content to aggregation bureaus for redistribution.

Additional Content Access

From Open Access to exclusive prepress access, metapress® enables access to content based on the publisher’s business model down to the content contribution level. Our “Look Inside” feature allows publishers to provide a pre-determined peek at the content to assure the user that the content matches his/her need. As part of the core features of metapress®, users can search and browse a publisher’s content; mark and save content for later user; and create alerts for areas of interest.